Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Accident Fern

OK so I got to see Fernie today. She is in pretty good spirits and is already way more bonded to Kirsten. Her pelvis was in worse shape than I pictured and her surgery was much more extensive than I had envisioned. She recieved an FHO on the right side and the joint (acetabulum) screwed together on the left side, as well as several breaks that were not repaired and another break screwed together. Fern also lost 6-7lbs on her extended forest vacation. She is a very gaunt version of her former self but really very happy to be home and milking the sad puppy dog eyes for all she is worth. She is eating very well and more food motivated than ever. Other than the hitchhiking critters (ticks and fleas) she only had a few other minor abrasions.
Fern may come stay with us for a week or so, otherwise I think she is going to do very well. Once she's had some rest I would bet she'll be back to some part of her trouble making self!:-)) Here are a couple pics...

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  1. So nice to see them together. Gives me the warm fuzzies! :-D