Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Other things

My sadness abounds so I thought what better to cheer me up than to take dog pics? I have decided to go to North Carolina tomorrow to join my family for Christmas. I have several people that Fern is very familiar with so if she is spotted or found there are plenty of people to go and help get her. I'm not overjoyed about leaving but I hope that it works out. I washed all the dogs today and went out and took pics. They were blown out but not really groomed. My whole world feels better when everyone is clean and happy!:-)
Laura and Abby pictured above. Laura is hopefully expecting (fingers crossed) Beli puppies towards the end of January. This is my first hopeful litter in 2.5yrs, I'm very excited. I'm about 90% sure after palpation this weekend.

Finally here is Rosy from today. She is finally starting to come together and is such a sweet little Beli girl. She is very puzzled by the arrival of baby goats this week. Rosy goes and stands next to the pasture fence just staring, unable to leave... Very cute! What a fun little girl she is. I do have so many things to be thankful for... But I would love to have Fern be home, that would make me even more thankful! Please... Please... Please

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  1. Yes, I would be very thankful for Fern to be home, I think it's time for me, Tag & Libby to say our Fern prayers. I know she will be with her new owner soon.