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Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Yes I know I said I wanted to do pictures ... Well then I remembered I have'nt even started Christmas shopping. (I guess not the best time to start my wonderful picture filled blog) I went yesterday, got some clothes for my upcoming travels and like two gifts for other people. I did get some good ideas which means I have to go back out this weekend, YUCK!
I'm not completely out of the Christmas spirit! I have made cookies (Molassas Ginger Chocolate!) they are very yummy and spicy AND I made some Apple cinnamon dog cookies, which are going pretty fast:-) So its not as dismal as I once thought! So we will go out and brave the crowds this weekend and finish shopping.
My little Fern is leaving this weekend for her new home as well so I will have to get pictures of Fern and her new mom! Lots to do papers to get together, vet trip and bath today. Of course the weather in FL today is not sunny, so off into the rain, but thankfully not snow or ice!

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