Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Puppies and dogs

The puppies are growing so fast, I guess I forgot how quickly they grow up:-)  They are still a bunch of cry babies... wish I was getting more sleep.
Bertie and momma-she is the only one with a name

Mr Breckyn

Chasing bugs

Light blue boy

Milk coma all around

Green weed attack

Patsy almost 3yr

Alert by Sally-Breckyn brings up the rear.
Had a little daylight left after lessons and finally got to take the dogs on a walk.  Its been a while and they really enjoyed it.  Abby is absent from pics because she sits under the big oak in the background and waits for squirrels:-))

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  1. I love the Milk Coma! And hard to believe Pats is 3 years old. Breckyn looks just like daddy Bolt!