Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Puppies 2wks and trial report

Well the munchkins have grown so much!  No eyes yet, they are getting more vocal and mouthing on each other now though.  Bertie is still the biggest but there aren't any slackers in the weight department.  Very pretty puppies, hopefully they will continue to grow well:-) Rosy continues to be a wonderful mom and loves her babies.
Auntie Weed comes for a visit

Nap Time Again

Other side naps too

Brotherly love
Single pics are taken just need to edit and post should get to that Tuesday.

Trial news- This weekend Patsy and her brother Wick ran in Advanced A course for the first time and did a fabulous job!  Sat Wick was 2nd and Patsy 4th, Sun Patsy was 2nd (and RHIT) Wick was 4th.  Great weekend for both dogs, will post videos when they are up.


  1. Congrats to Patsy and her brother! I'm assuming Evy didn't eat any babies :)

  2. Nope all the babies are intact:-)) Evy has been very motherly towards them, she gets all worried when they cry too long.