Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rainy Day

Well the day didn't look good for a hike but we went anyway.  I left the puppies home, as I planned to go up to the Big Bald.  When I started driving up the road, the Bald was dark cloud covered so I went back to the Nature Trail.  We took the trail to the Appalachian trail entrance, it really was very nice.  Bit hard to get past in some areas but the dogs had a great time running ahead and hunting.
View from the back porch this am

Abby waiting for me to catch up

Crazy Aussie exploring

Leading the way

Did u see the Chippie?

Sally and Patsy waiting on the bridge

4 Hiking Girls

Cool little salamander, thankfully the dogs didn't see him!

Close up of a beautiful large boulder

Pretty native Azalea, just starting to bloom

Patsy sez " Hurry Up"!

The rain caught us for the last 20 min.
We all got drenched, thankfully I had brought some rain gear so the camera didn't get wet.  The dogs are still drying off on the porch, that may take a while!  That was pretty miserable but I'm sure glad we went.  They are calling for heavy rain this pm so that may be the last hike we get this trip!


  1. That trail looks familiar! Looks like everyone had fun in spite of the rain at the end. Good afternoon for nappin', I think.

  2. Great shots, looks like a good time was had by all