Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dory's travels

Well Miss Dory is finally ready to share her news!  She has relocated to Chicago!  Lucky Dory went to live with Anne, Holmes and Chloe as well as the human family.  You can keep up with Dory and Anne and the rest of the gang at her blog 
Dory had a big day of travels.  I was so proud of her at the airport; she was a trooper up and down escalators, elevators and stairs, oh my!  She took it like a champ and charmed the socks off of the TSA personel and airline employees.  Anne tells me that she did well with intros to the crew up north and is making herself at home already.  I sure will miss that sweet girl but Anne has the time that Dory needs.   I sure wish them luck in all the upcoming endeavors!


  1. Your girl is in a great place. I saw Anne and Holmes (and Josh and Oliver) at the National Specialty. In a couple of months Anne had Holmes ready to wag his way through qualifying runs in BN and RN. Miss Dory is going to love her life!

  2. I'm excited for all of them! Dory is a great girl and it sounds like the perfect home came along for her:-)) I sure miss her smile tonight though...

  3. It is always exciting when the perfect home appears! Best wishes to Dory and her family!

  4. Good luck to sweet Dodo! I'm hoping to see her at shows this summer, I know she will do well for Anne and the crew.