Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, July 31, 2011


This post has been in the back of my mind for some time now. In the not too distant past my passion for dogs was questioned as having been lost. It really made me question 1. What did that person see that made them say it? (If it was true) 2. Was/Is it true?.
First I don't believe its true! My life has always been surrounded by dogs and the life that I now lead is one I have wanted for many years. I love training dogs and maintaining a balanced pack BUT I love helping people that want to improve their dog and their own lives. I love seeing the change in "problem dogs" and the light in the owners eyes when they realize how simple the change is. So my passion is dogs but more specifically training herding dogs, what is your passion?
There are so many facets to dogs and the life that we lead with them. I think there is room for everyone and their doggie passion. I have been involved with purebred dogs since I was 14yr old, I started with a Golden in 4-H, then my Schutzhund GSD and finally Beli:-)) I loved each of those opportunities but herding is my passion now. It is such a wonderful thing to see a dog know what to do on stock when they have never done it. It is still the most challenging thing I've ever done! I guess it is a good thing its my passion!


  1. While just spending time with my dogs is always a pleasure, agility is definitely my passion. It is such an adrenaline rush and every run feels like gambling! I don't like to gamble with money (way too painful!) so I get my rush running agility. From my little dabble in herding earlier this year, I know I would love that too (and my dogs ADORED it). I just can't budget for both. Agility fits into suburbia much better, so that's where I place my training time/efforts.

  2. I'm a relative newbie, so I'm in the early stages of dog passion. I do think passions evolve and change as you feel your way along, and they need constant infusions of positive experiences. I think the hardest thing for me to realize was that I couldn't do everything, all the time. I needed to pick something to start with, develop abilities and competence, and then build on that. I'm starting with conformation, which I know a lot of people find boring, but I'm finding it a good way to learn about structure and movement. It helps that here in Michigan we have a nice group of Cardi people who support each other. I love going to a dog show and being surrounded by dogs and meeting people. Yes, there are "clinker" competitors and judges, but life's too short to worry about those people. I've sampled rally, obedience, agility and herding in classes, and of all those, I hope herding will be my next step. My first passion was horses, and I find the difference between them and dogs is that dogs are with you ALL the time. Even if you keep your horses at home, dogs are interactive in a totally different way. And, they fit into your bed easier!