Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Bday

Happy Birthday to the BeliXPeekers litter, they turn 3yrs today. Boy time flies! Pixel, Fern, Smarty and Bren hope everyone is doing well and having fun:-)) Pixel seems to be having a great time, I hope the others are just as well!

Not much other news, just hot as HELL here! Yuck drenched in sweat everytime you go outside, we are certainly in the dog days of Summer now. The dogs can't do much on our walks now, just play musical water tub:-)) Dory is really enjoying her northern vacation now! We may have a new temporary member of the pack soon, more later.


  1. How DO you keep track of all these birthdays? Dory says, Guess whose birthday is coming up?

  2. Gee I wonder??? I can't believe they'll be 1yr old already, how time flies!