Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dog days of summer

While its hot here, and everywhere for that matter, the dogs always enjoy their late afternoon walk. We go up to the top pasture and they run, play and dive in the water to their hearts content. Life is good!

Abby, Oli, and Rudy all think that the Aussie addition is for their pleasure only:-)) Patsy loves out running all the Cardis too.

I know this is a blur... if I want to know where Abby and Oli are all I have to do is find Patsy. It is a constant play time when they are out together. Patsy favorite spot is the roundpen, she races around the edge with all the others in hot pursuit.

I know I'm ready for summer to end but the dogs enjoy life regardless of the weather.


  1. I guess when you live in Florida, you either get used to the heat and go out and have fun, or else you would never go out at all. It's been stinkin' hot here, but my guys poke their noses out the door and say No Way! I'll just sit on the vent an be bored! They will barely go to the bathroom on the 100 degree days!

  2. Well maybe the dogs get used to it. I complain all summer about the heat and enjoy every day of the winter. The whole country gets heat though, ours seems to last forever:-))