Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catch up

So finally pics... We took a walk middle of the day but it was a pretty nice day.

The boys, they are whipped tonight but look happy here.

Sally monster having a mid day soak.

Rosy follows suit, wish she would do the same and come in season:-))

I dare you, says Oli!

and he's off!

Wow what a busy weekend. Lots of lessons and I'm exhausted! I'm ready to go back to work for some rest! It was nice to spend some time with the dogs this weekend. Also saw a really big bear this weekend! Not really common but not rare either.

Dogs and a toy

More toy play

Lastly, Dory and Bolt showed again today. Dory was RWB and made a solid run for WB. Bolt was again WD/BOW for another pt and he is now up to 6pts! Yeah puppies:-))

Finally the gopher turtle video. We have a wayward male gopher that has been all over, I'm not even sure where he came from... The dogs were just fascinated by it. I did help him out after the video and put him over the fence, hopefully he found his home.


  1. Fun post! Cute how the dogs are interested in the turtle!

  2. OK, I'm envious of the cow toy! Our loofa dog is losing its stuffing in the middle.