Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, December 27, 2010

More snow...

So this has been our third day of snow here, I think we are up to about 20" though its probably more in some spots. I got my camera charged and am still trying to download some videos I took yesterday.
Remy going after someone ...
Cardi train :-))

Nemo posing in the snow

The stare down...

Evy watching snowballs

Dory and Remy coming up the trail

Evy and Rudy fighting

Snow weasel

Abby and Dory playing

Beli with the babies


  1. It sure looks like your Cardis are having a blast!

    The huge "East Coast" storm somehow skipped over the Washington, DC metro area, so we are snow free here. A little would have been fun/festive, 20 inches would have been too much!

  2. What fun! Who won the stare down? And how come you have more snow than Michigan??