Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I do still live in FL right? I cannot remember it being this cold in FL this early in the year ever ( I was born and raised here). I had to break 2" or more of ice on dog buckets and water troughs this am! The ice stayed there all day too, I don't remember that happening other than this January. The dogs are staying cozy in the house for the most part but I did slip out and work a couple this afternoon. Dressed out in my snowman gear of course:-))
I had Evy and Abby adjusted a couple weeks ago and they have both been a little off since. Abby is still lame on her front but Evy is sound for now. I worked Evy for almost 45min, she would work until she dropped so I had to drag her away kicking and screaming from the sheep. She did a great job on my light whethers, I hope that she behaves like that in the trials this Spring! Rosy also got worked but she is being a really pushy little bitch these days so most of my time spent is walking her down to reinforce the lie down, sigh... We did get some good work done but the better part of it was a fight... Sally got to feed with Beli this evening so I'll try and work her tomorrow. No pics right now since my cold weather gear doesn't allow me much freedom for something else to carry along!:-))


  1. Amy - Not sure what your cold weather gear consists of but Google "body covers." They are coveralls made specifically for women. The fabric isn't as heavy as Carhartts but they fit amazingly well and come in 3 weights (summer, winter & arctic) as well as attractive colors! I have a black pair that I've worn to herding and agility trials.

  2. Are you saying you look like the Michelin man?