Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Uncooperative puppies

I guess that is the story of my life. I would like you to notice the tape on the ears. I finally had enough of floppy beagle/hound ears and thought "these ears are going to stand!". See
picture two... What is this puppies problem, crazy perhaps??? Note pic #3

Puppy (Nemo) has made a new record for tape removal in less than 36hrs, but he would like to give some credit to his fellow puppies (in pics to follow, should be mug shots!).

Abby having a good roll before it was rudely interuppted by devil spawn!

Evy laughing at Abby since there will NEVER be more Evy spawn!

Dory says "Hey mom I've been looking for you, I have been such a good girl not doin nuthin wrong!"
Again Dory looking on at the evil boy childs getting into trouble!

Abby says " I've had enough of this terrible behavior out of all of you! I'd put you in the kennel myself, if only I had opposable thumbs" THE END, for today anyway
There were no puppies injured in the shooting of these photos:-)) Matter of fact I think they had a big time.


  1. Cute! Nemo is a heart stealer!

  2. Tigger says he doesn't know WHERE those devil puppy 'tudes came from!