Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Its been a really busy weekend! We did the Ocala shows the last four days, not really much to speak of. Rosy showed well the first two days was WB(1pt), RWB and then dumped the last two days. I'm glad I did it, we certainly weren't ready for her to enter a herding trial with her new found girly hormones! Lily was entered today just for some experience and she did really well. Especially considering when she came here almost two months ago, her world was rocked and she wasn't real sure she liked it. Everyone was suspect except for me after the first couple days. She did a wonderful job and I'm happy with that! So we are back to the grindstone tomorrow and a BUSY week ahead with herding lessons and Thanksgiving ( have to find a BIG turkey tomorrow) Can't wait I love this holiday because I love tradition and tradition in our family is often food. Cinder (now Bella) is coming for a visit and I get to see Buzz (still Buzz:-)) so it will be a fun but very busy week. Now off to bed!


  1. Good job Rosy and Lily! Bolt waves a paw at Buzz and Cinderbella.

  2. Thanks Jill! I will let the kids know that Bolt says "hey":-))