Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rosy's little explorers

The puppies are doing fabulous!  They are really coming out of their shells now.  They spend an hour or two outside daily mostly exploring, eating and sleeping right now.  No more milk from mom now but they are eating their food like crazy!
Bertie/Pepper Potts- such a cutie with all kinds of personality!

Bertie/Pepper out to explore

L-R- Bishop, Gambit, Bertie (rolling) and Dazzler

Bishop was napping almost all the way through pics

Just coming out of the pen- Its a huge new world!

Dazzler on the hunt for trouble

Gambit ran out of gas inside the gate...

Hawkeye found my shoe

What else might there be?

Loki trying out the greenery

Phenix not sure where to look next

Finally decided on playing with Loki!

Sorry to say I didn't get any of the other black boy, Blade.  He was pulling on my clothes where I was sitting and was just to close.  I will try to get some today and add them.  Everyone else now has names and they are sure gaining a lot of personality!  I am taking them on their first trip this weekend ... Will hopefully come back to lots of pics