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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Big weekend and now we rest...

Well the babies had a huge weekend.  Their first time travelling and staying overnight at a friends house!  The travelling, lets just say we're gonna have to do that quite a bit before the trek to NC!!  The new friends they thought were way cool!  Debby and Craig were kind enough to welcome us all and the puppies got lots of one on one with Craig.  They met some of their Aussies and loved that too.  I didn't have lots of free time to take pics since I was there to work after all:-))
Here are some pics from after the weekend.  Haven't been able to talk anyone into stacked pics yet fingers crossed for this weekend.
Comfy sleepy time 
Passed out 

Bertie checking out the yard

Blade leading the charge to my flips-they love em!

Hawkeye keeping watch

Phenix the fluff


Bishop, Dazzle and Loki finding trouble

Gambit starts small and works his way up

Pretty Dazzle

Bertie checking out the stone chicken

Phenix with something fun to chew on

Bertie sez " I didn't chew on no plantz, these are not flowers in my mouth"

Rough n tumble kidz

Loki sez " My foot taste Yummyyyy!"



Here we come!

Pretty boy Blade

Gambit likes him some stone chicken:-)

I gotz a stick and you don't!

Trouble makers


Face plant

Body blockin... Gambit and Bertie

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