Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Puppies and updates

Well the puppies are feeling better today.  They were a bit under the weather yesterday, I even had to cancel visitors!  Poor babies, they were on their game today though.  I sat in the shade with them for a bit and gave them a bigger outdoor pen so they enjoyed our beautiful weather for quite a while.  What nice puppies, they are really growing up now and starting to play for longer now.  I really am having a hard time picking my favorite:-))
Beatrix, very cute and just a little independent.

The three boys, playing amongst themselves.

Magnus, really how can you resist that face?

Linus, trying out the diet Coke.

The girls having a momentary frolic.

Phoebe overcome by her own cuteness.

What a beautiful little girl she is!

Finally my little guy!  Sitting on the porch with Carol and I this afternoon.
Beli had is 4th and final vaccine this past week.  He has already out lasted the specialists guess, Go Beli:-)) So now we have 2 weeks of waiting on pins and needles to see if the vaccine is really going to stop and hopefully make the mass regress.  There are two new spots of growth one up forward in his mouth and the other on his tonsil.  He is still eating and quality of life has been very good really.  Congestion has been progressively getting worse ( we are not sure what is causing that) but there are still days when it is better.  He still has some moments that he races around the living room and out to the dog shed for dinner.  So however much longer we may have him he has fought a hard battle and hasn't given up yet!  This his final fight I hope is the one he fights the hardest!


  1. I think they are ALL overcome by cuteness! Even Grandpa Beli ...

  2. The puppies are adorable! I am glad Beli seems to be feeling well.

  3. Beli looks good. So fun that he races around sometimes still. Love to see that in the old dogs.

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