Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Puppies 5.5wks

Here are the first stacked pics of the babies!  Basil was the first and got the worst photo, better luck next week?  I can't believe they are already almost 6wks old now!  Times flies when you are crazy stressed out of your mind I guess...

Basil side

Basil front

Beatrix front

Beatrix side

Linus side

Linus front

Magnus side

Magnus front

Phoebe side

Phoebe front

The babies are growing up nicely.  I'm really happy with their toplines and balance right now!  Really nice babies, Bubbles and JD did good:-))
In other news Beli is not well.  A new round of meds is helping him stay comfy right now but I don't expect that to last long.  We are still in desperate need of prayers.


  1. They all look great, congratulations!

  2. So sorry Beli is not doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Sorry Beli is not well. Prayers and Peace coming to you.