Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Too long...

Well, this is the longest I've been between posts since I started this blog almost 2 yrs ago! Life has gotten away from me. I'm working more than ever it feels like, though thankfully lessons are part of that. Travel and busy weekends for the next 6wks are surely going to keep posts at a minimum. I've been pretty depressed about Rosy as well. All looked and was to my knowledge normal in her pregnancy UNTIL 4-5 wks and then POOF! No puppies anymore, I'm not sure what happened but it is what it is...
Thankfully I do have things to look forward to... we have trials this weekend and 2 wks from now. Judging in between, which means a change of scenery from home but also a weekend with no training too. We will be watching the Eukanuba since its close to home this year and having Jill visit as well. So we have a busy Fall to take our minds off things that haven't gone as planned.


  1. Sorry to hear that you aren't having puppies. Seems to have happened to a couple of people this fall.

    Glad you are getting out to trial and judge. That sure keeps you busy.

  2. I am sorry to hear about Rosy's pups.

  3. Shoot -- so sorry you aren't going to have babies this fall. Enjoy having Eukanuba on your side of the country.

  4. The kids and I are looking forward to our visit! Good luck trialing and judging. Dory sends sparkles!

  5. Sorry to hear there won't be puppies for Rosy. Maybe next time....