Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, November 21, 2011

TDI Olivia

I got news from Peggy, O'baby's mommy, that she passed her TDI test with flying colors. She was impressive to the testers with her work through all the distraction. Peggy has done a fabulous job with our miracle Olivia! I'm so proud, this is the 3rd Raglan puppy working towards a career in therapy work. O'baby is the puppy I almost lost to a very rare affliction almost exactly 4yrs ago this week. She had a lobe of her liver torse, making her extremely septic. The "what if's" are almost too much to bear! If I had not worked that Friday, if I had not chosen to do an exploratory, if I had decided to put her down when she was seizuring uncontrolably, if the vet hadn't taken one more look further into her abdomen... She was meant to be THIS! And she was meant to be WITH Peggy. I love the O'baby for all of this but I love that she was meant to be with Peggy:-)) Thank you Peggy and Olivia, you go girls!!!