Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So glad to be home...

Laura chillaxing under the shade trees
Faith waiting to pounce on someone, probably Laura I don't remember now. Laura is so loving and patient with her though, puts up with it all really well.

Cute little Wishy boy, he has a lovely home waiting for him out west until we can get him a good flight with correct temps.

The weekend went really well, very nice trial nice dogs to judge and very well run! I'm so glad to be home though, just catching up on sleep and laundry... Otherwise all is well, dogs were really happy to see me too! Sally more than everyone else such a funny little dog she is:-)) Challenging but funny... Anyway got a few pics taken last week before I left so that's where these came from.
Evy was spayed yesterday and did very well through the surgery but is having a sleep day today. I think she is enjoying the relaxation! Abby is showing some positive pregger signs but of course it will be a couple weeks until we know for sure.
Finally got lambs weaned and they aren't screaming all night any more. I seem to be on the upside of the worm outbreak now, thank goodness! Everyone is acting healthy and gaining weight. Vaccines and other nasty things next week.


  1. Tigger is glad you had a successful trip! And get well, Auntie Weed. Dear Abby, I LOOOOOOVE you!!!