Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I know, I know...

I'm a bad blogger, no pictures, no posts for more than a week! I'm sick of travelling! I want to stay home forever now:-)) We went to NC for a show and to meet up with Tigger the wonder dog:-)) for a trist with Abby.
No go on the show, but both of the girls (Abby and Rosy) showed well and had a good time. We did get the breeding done with Abby and Tigger so fingers crossed for puppies in August!

This is Tigger on the move. What a nice moving boy he is, among many other positive attributes! We did not groom or anything so what you see...

And here is Abbys shot. The best moving pic is a bit blurry but this will do in a pinch! We should have some nice moving puppies anyway!:-)) So after this month I hope to be staying home for a while. Only one trip left, last weekend of the month.....sigh...


  1. What a nice moving shot of Tigger. He's a handsome boy. You should have gorgeous puppies.

  2. Also a nice shot of Abby - I didn't mean to neglect her!