Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, April 16, 2012

Puppies are 8wks and Beli

Well the pups turned 8 wks today and were finally able to go back to work with me.  They had a great time and enjoyed meeting the people and other dogs again:-))  They also got exams and microchips, not fun.  Two will be going to their new homes this week, Linus and Magnus (now Cooper)



Magnus/Cooper didn't want to stack this week.

The two girls will be staying on for bit to watch grow up; Bea will be staying here even with her mismark she is just too nice to pass up.  Phoebe will probably be moving on to a show home as well but I would like to watch her for a bit longer.  I got a couple that have ears this time, what a nice change to have some ears up!
We gotz ears!

Sunday begging for chix while we took puppy pics:-))
Beli is still here and still trying to eat everything!  We had planned to take him in today to say goodbye BUT he had other plans.  While I know that he is terminal and could take a turn at anytime; I find his indomitable spirit so strong.  He has lived longer than anyone could have believed, on the 24th of this month it will have been 3 months since I found the mass in his mouth.  The specialists gave him 4-6wks, I thought less.  He has lived a great last 3 months and is still happy most days.  We'll see how much longer he chooses to grace us with his presence:-))
Easter Sunday helping in the egg search.


  1. Great puppies, they were fun to meet as only puppies can be.

  2. Love, Love, LOVE me that Phoebe! AND Bea! Both lovely girls! Big hugs to Beli!

  3. i'm happy for you that beli is doing so well still. he's got spirit and fight that's for sure!

    Bea is Über cute- it will be interesting to see how she grows!

  4. Beautiful pups! ((hugs)) to Beli.

  5. I am glad to hear that Beli is diong well! I know how very hard this is for you. Hugs to him and you.

  6. I've had you all on my mind today and half figured Beli would be indomitable! Loves and hugs to you both.
    The puppies look great.

  7. Good for you, Beli! You have many friends sending prayers and love.

    And what a nice litter of puppies, I'm sure Fee&Bea will keep you busy!

  8. Looking forward to the 28th! Stay strong Beli!!!