Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sally is as Sally does...

Thought I would go take pics earlier this pm since we have company coming this evening. It is back to being blistering hot again so no one wanted to do anything much except sit in the shade. Cute though the girls and Rudys butt under the only shade on the way back to the kennels.

Evy getting some attention in the shade too. Such a funny girl, healing great! I hope this settles her hormones and we can finish her HC this Fall!

Perpetual Sally. If I named pictures this would be "Sallyness"...

Well that looks like a dog smile to me, probably laughing at me upside down on the ground trying to get this picture, its the only way it wasn't overexposed.

Finally holding still for a pic! Still trying to go help the other girls get into trouble with the sheep and goats! If its not one thing its another!:-)) Silly little Sally girl, my Sally girl:-)))


  1. must be something about the name Sally

    our Sally is joy and trouble mashed in one wonderous dog :)

  2. I especially like the photo of Evy, but they ar all great!

  3. I love your beautiful!!

  4. Thanks all! Yes there must be something in the name, she's just Sally... I do love Evy's pic too Julie, she is such a love:-)) Fun pics to take too, Sally reminds me so much of Beli!