Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Puppy playtime

Bad babies rolling in a dead bird!

Playtime even under the hateful eye of Evy:-)

Abby and Blade

Bertie off to find more trouble

A game of tag with Blade and Hawk

Gambit getting some love from Carol

Blade trying to decide the lesser of two evils

Dazz and Hawk out for a romp

Gambit wearing his smile

Serious game of tag in the garden

Gambit trucking off in search of...
The pups are leaving for their new homes slowly.  Only Gambit and possibly Bertie are looking for homes now.  Dazzle and Hawk are staying for further evals.  Will post stacked pics tomorrow.


  1. Hm. What WAS the lesser or two evils? :)

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